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It is very easy to order from us:

  • Request for Quotation
  • We will reply by quotation
  • Settle payment
  • We deliver to your project site or office

    Quick Tips in Ordering

    1. Please make sure you have clearly mention cable brand, types,quantity and insulation or jacket color
    2. Specify the receiver name, address, handphone
    3. The right address between your office address and the project address will be usefull
    4. Prepare space or storage for the new cables
    5. Please give us info about safety regulation in particular that all vendor need to know in delivery
    6. Standard 3-5 days delivery occur to ready stock cables
    7. Standard 45-60 days for manufacture non-ready stock cables

    Learn more about our packing.

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      PT Noxindo Cakrawala
      Delivery ready to your project or office site.We prioritize your needs in project site. Fast response team will take you to speed up from quotation and delivery.

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