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Cables Packing

Standard packing by PT Noxindo Cakrawala
1. Haspel / Drum
2. Coil

Learn our standard length for cables:
- Drum 1.000 meter
- Drum 2.000 meter
- Small Drum Belden Reel 304,8 meter
- 250 to 500 meter Drum for very +big cables

Cargo Packing

If you need to ship your cable, let us know. For example you order NYY 4x50=100 meters, NYY 4x6=100 meters, NYFGBY 4x25=100 meters, We could wrap them up and put a big label so people will notice your Company Name, The exact length of cables so to be safe. We will put a big label "FRAGILE" in order the expedition company will be carefull with the cables.

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